Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What Inkspires You?

I have been asked over the last 25 years why I started to scrapbook and that is such an easy question for me, to leave my family all my wonderful memories of them.

It isn't as easy when someone ask me "Why did you start to make cards?" or better yet..."what was your inspiration?"  There was a lot of reasons really.  First off, just the pure joy of working with paper, like scrapbooking, but making something I could immediately share with someone else, to make them smile.

Then one afternoon, I was looking up a scrapbooking technique on youtube and came across the Triple Time Stamping Tutorial for making cards and it caught my eye.  I really loved it and watched the whole video.  I was hooked!  I wanted to make something like that!

I would like to say I saved or even took a photo of that first card I made but I didn't.  But I used a beautiful rose and leaves as my stamp and used 2 different colors.  I thought it was the most gorgeous thing ever!!!  LOL  I am sure it was secretly awful!  LOL.  I couldn't wait to give it to someone and that someone was my mother.  I was sooo proud to hand it to her and believe you me, she brought me down off my cloud 9 by opening it and looking at it.  When she finished she just laid it to the side and never said a word.  

Fast forward a couple years I decided to try the technique again for a contest and I won the contest with my card.  hahaha. I came home and kept trying.  It made me even more determined to be able to make beautiful cards.

Today, I am showing you another Triple Time Stamping card but this is for my best friend from birth.  We can go years and not see each other and pick up like we haven't missed a beat.  This sentiment by The Stamps of Life,Flip Flops 2, fits us perfect!

The Flip Flops is a stamp from the Scrapping For Less' June 2018 Flavor of the Month/Banana Split.  The stamp set is At the Beach by Scrapping for Less.

Recently, I became the owner of the new Catherine Pooler Inks.  I found this wonderful ,little, family-based, craft store that sells them a bit cheaper, called Del Bello's Designs.  They are the bomb!  I used the Midnight, Twilight, Juniper Mist, Limoncello and All That Jazz to do my stamping with.  Patty, the owner, is such a helpful, caring ,person and REALLY knows her Lavinia Stamps like the back of her hand!  LOL

I topped it off with sequins from another one of my Scrapping for Less Flavor of the Month Kits and called it a day.

I hope you enjoyed my card and how I started making cards.  I truly hope it inspires you to never give up even if you have a few you don't care for a long the way.

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  1. Very cute card! Thank you for sharing your story!

    Mary Ellen

  2. Thanks for your story. Very nice job on the card. TFS

  3. I love your Triple Time card!!! Super cute image and I love the color combo. My heart broke for you in the story where your mom didn't comment on your handmade card. I had something similar happen to me to, and it was both heartbreaking and discouraging. I'm so glad we both persevered and continued to make cards!!! Thank you for sharing your journey and I'm so happy to be hopping with you today!

  4. Beautiful designs love your story and style tyfs

  5. Love the card and a bunch of us started out with scrapbooking, as did I. It's been fun hopping with you.

  6. Fun layering! I was just contemplating using this technique today!

  7. Fun card, Christi! Thank you for sharing your story!

  8. Christi this is fantastic. I remember when triple stamping was Hugely trending. I completely forgot about it. What a fantastic blast from the past.

  9. Really lovely card, Christi! Thanks for sharing your crafty story.

  10. I absolutely love this card! I love your CP ink combo, and I love flip flops!! I need to add to my CP ink collection! Thanks so much for sharing. Nice hopping with you!

  11. Your card is awesome! I haven’t tried one of these Triple Time layering cards But haven’t yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I meant to say I haven’t tried one yet but I want to.

  12. Love you card and your story! I need some flip flops in my life right now!!